10 Must Haves for your Grown Up Summer Party

10 Must Haves for your Grown Up Summer Party

Summer means longer days, warmer weather, and more excuses to spend time together outside. Make sure your grown up summer party is the kind of get together no one wants to leave with these fun essentials.

1) Hydration Station

On humid, summer days, take hydration to the next level with rose, lemon, and strawberry water stand set up. Have lots of sparkling or iced water on hand. If you want an upgrade from your childhood lemonade stand, consider a spiked lemonade bar.

hydration station water stand lemonade drinks outdoor glass containers

2) Mini Wine Tasting Session

Host a wine tasting event in your own backyard. You can provide a few bottles of different bottles or ask each friend to bring their favorite bottle to sample.

wine tasting at home

3) Serve Poptails

Combine dessert and drinks into one frozen treat with these adults-only popsicles. Not only do they look pretty, they taste divine.

poptails poptail popsicle cocktail

4) Display Summery-style Vases

A hollowed pineapple or watermelon is the summer vase full of whimsy. Plus you can use the fruit for your drinks station.

pineapple centerpiece flowers table arrangement

5) Flower Arranging Station

A perfect summer activity. Set up a station for guests to arrange their own bouquets. This will give them something to bring home and keep your party in their minds.

flower arranging stand

6) Have a Photo Shoot Backdrop

This is a definite must nowadays at every party. You can incorporate the outdoors into your backdrop by hanging frames from trees or a balloon garland to add more fun. Have a basket of props to ensure you've got the most 'grammed party of summer.

Junibel Balloon Garland kits have gorgeous options to choose from. Easy to make but high impact for your photos. Click here to see.

outdoor balloon garland garden party arch

7) Basket of Essentials.

Keep guests comfortable outdoors all day long and into the night with summer essentials. Leave out amenities like sunscreen, bug spray and hand wipes.

bug spray basket bbq

8) String Lights Everywhere

String lights can add a dreamy quality to your outdoor soiree and create ambiance that allow guests to party into the night.

Tip: Leave your string lights up all summer so you can enjoy them the whole season.

string lights outdoor bbq party

9) Sparklers

Bring the kid out in everyone. Sparklers instantly refresh a dying party and bring big smiles to guests' faces.

Tip: Keep safety in mind and use them away from your home, especially if there is alcohol involved.

sparklers friends

10) Outdoor Throw Pillows and Blankets

Have as many pillows as you can and lay them across the lawn for picnicking, lounging and late-night stargazing. Throw blankets make guests feel at home and welcome in their setting. Happy couples and groups of friends will appreciate having the option to grab a throw blanket and pillow to relax under the stars.

throws blankets pillows for outdoor party bbq guests

What's your favorite outdoor party must-have?
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