10 Tips to Create a Seriously Fun Photo Booth

10 Tips to Create a Seriously Fun Photo Booth

Whether your next event is a baby shower, kids party, bbq or wedding, photo booths are one of the most important focal points, besides your guests.

You don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of extra stuff to make it perfect. With these tips will show you how to create a super fun photo booth that will encourage your guests to strike a pose, laugh, and hashtag to the moon and back.

Get Creative with your Theme

Make sure your backdrop is eye-catching without being too distracting. You can keep it simple or get as fancy as you’d like. We’ve seen very simple backdrops consisting of a sheet and sparkle lights to extensive ones having a Volkswagen bus with a garland of balloons flowing through it. The details do matter but don’t forget to have fun with it because ultimately your guests will be the focal point of the pics.

photo booth backdrop ideas theme balloons glamping pallet volkswagon bus

Junibel balloon garlands has some beautiful color themes to choose from to fit your festivity. See what themes they have here. (Or tap on the pics below.)

photo booth backdrop junibel balloon garland arch kit

Light It Up

Provide as much light as possible. If your event is during the day and outside, you’ll have no problems at all. But if your booth will be indoors or at night bring in some lamps. You can include lighting in and around the photo booth and anything from fun neon signs to twinkle lights for added effects. If you really want to ensure perfect photo lighting, a selfie light will provide high-quality, direct lighting. 

Extra Tip: If you’re hanging lights in the background, make sure to also place lights in front of the camera (pointed toward the booth placed at average nose hight level) so that your guests’ faces will be visible in the photos.

fun photo booth backdrop lighting ideas

Props, Props and more Props

Fact: People love props. Besides creating fun pictures, props will help your guests loosen up and the smiles will come out naturally. Try to provide as much variety as you can: signs, cutouts, hats, wigs, moustaches, glasses, jewelry, basically anything that you feel fits the theme of your event. The sillier and more outrageous the better!

 photo booth backdrop props

 Set Up In a Highly Visible Location

Think of your photo booth as another focal point at your event and set it up in an area that everyone can see but still has plenty of space to take individual, small group or large group photos.

 photobooth backdrop location outdoors in a set area

Have Signage

Don’t assume all guests have used a photo booth before. Cute, directional signage pointing to the booth will let guests know to have fun, get create and encourage them to take plenty of photos.

 photobooth backdrop sign wood

Print Those Photos

All those selfies will be flooding social media but what an impression you’ll make when you kick it “old school” with a printed photo. There are a variety of instant smartphone printers on the market. Make sure you have easy instructions available in case you have to download an app to print. Or have someone designated to print them out. They create the perfect keepsake.

Provide Polaroid Cameras

If #5 seems too overwhelming and you’re looking for a low-tech, easy way to get printouts for your guests, Polaroid cameras are the way to go. No matter whether young or old, your guests will know how to use them. Make sure to stock up on extra film so you don’t run out.

 photobooth backdrop printer polaroid

Make it a Selfie Station

Provide one selfie stick to help capture large group shots. Have a self stick stand as an option to give them a little more room to play and pose.

 photobooth backdrop selfie stick station

Create a Unique Event Hashtag

It’s likely that everyone is going to take their own pictures with their phones and immediately upload to their social media accounts. Make sure your hashtag is clearly printed on a sign near your photo booth set up to encourage your guests to share and see all of the pictures taken.

 photobooth backdrop create a personal hashtag

Take a Selfie

Now don’t forget to get in there yourself and have fun with your family and friends striking a pose. You’ll be creating memories to last a lifetime.

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