10 Top Tips to Get the Perfect Shot with Kids

Taking photos with littles can definitely make for beautiful keepsake memories that you can look back on for years to come.

But how do you get these little squirmy people to stay still? 😂

We understand what a challenge this can be at times so we wanted to give you some of our best tips to help you get that “perfect” shot 🙌🏻.

1) Embrace something they love.

If your kids love to role play in a costume, let them play out their favorite scene in their costumes. It’s a win-win. They’ll have tons of fun and you’ll get pictures that reminds you of what they were into at the time.

2) Props Are Your Friend

Giving kids something to hold and direct their attention towards can help you to get a great shot where they look happy and engaged!

3) Run them out!

Kids will be kids and sometimes you’ll have some with loads of energy and there’s no stopping them. If that’s the case, let them burn off some energy and you’ll get some fun candid shots as well. Once they’ve gotten it out of their system, you’ll have some tranquil moments for some beautiful portraits.

4) Let them Be Kids

If you let them be wild and carefree you’ll be able to capture those action shots with their natural expressions and wide smiles. Let them jump on the bed, dance on the couch, shout really loud and you’ll guaranteed get some ecstatic photos of them with pure joy.

5) Play Games

If you’re not getting the cooperation you need, try and get them to play a game. Ask them to run a race towards you and back when you say GO. They won’t even notice the camera clicking away and you’ll capture smiles and fun.

6) Tickles

Sometimes those smiles will get a little awkward and too posed. A visit from the tickle monster works wonders to get more natural smiles. You can ask the kids to tickle each other and you’ll end up with laughter and joy.

7) Give Them Something To Do

Prepare something fun for them to do like painting or flying a kite. The more fun they’re having the more variety of shots you’ll get and they won’t run away the next time you want to take another pic.

8) Sing a Song

Music is a powerful way to affect how we’re feeling. If your child is nervous or you’re trying to get a natural giggle, sing a song that they love. Or play their favorite songs outloud and you’ll create a more relaxing atmosphere.

9) Offer a Reward

Another word for this might be: bribery 😆. When your child isn’t cooperating, sometimes a little “prize” might be in order. Kids are so used to hearing the word “no” so often, you’ll get them to light when they finally hear the word “yes”.

10) Let Go of “Perfection”

Your best pictures will be the ones where you let kids be kids. They’ll have more fun and you’ll have much less stress. Everyone wins. Focus on capturing them as they are and capturing the memories and you’ll have meaningful photos that will last forever.

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