The Best Back To School Distance Learning Party Ideas

The Best Back To School Distance Learning Party Ideas

As summer moves on towards autumn, the approach of the next school year looms ever closer. Whether your kids are excited to start school again, or reluctant to give up their vacation time, the need for education is just a fact of life.

Of course, this year it’s a little different for many families. With circumstances being what they are, some parents are choosing to make the transition to homeschooling. And some school districts are focusing solely on distance learning, taking it out of the parents’ hands entirely.

Whatever the situation may be for your family, going back to school can actually be exciting for your kids — and a lot of fun, too!

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Here are some ideas for back to school parties that focus on distance learning. Best of all, if you’re going to be homeschooling your kids, these decor ideas can actually be used year-round for any upcoming distance learning events.

If you want your child to be excited about starting the next grade, no matter whether they’re going to school part-time or schooling from home every single day, these ideas will definitely help!

Photo Booth

For any school year, no matter where it starts from, a “first day of school” photo is a must! If school is going to be out of your home for the foreseeable future, that could be even more of a reason to go all-out with your child’s first day photo.

Photo booths are a party staple, so of course they fit perfectly for a back to school party.

Our favorite photo booth ideas that we found range from the super-simple to the surprisingly complicated, but what you do ultimately depends on the resources you have available, of course. The good news is that a version of these photo booths could be done even using print-outs, if you don’t have all of the props that are included.

- A simple backdrop can use cut-out pennants and a simple photo frame to capture the joy of getting back to school — for some kids.  

- Letter balloons, pennants, and large pencil and crayon props can make  a fun little photo op.

- Another super simple idea is to use editing software to create a custom photo frame.

back to school distance learning party photobooth diy props cutouts

 A more ornate variety, this photo booth (from a few years back, obviously) uses a faux-blackboard background and other props to give a true old-school vibe. If you like the feeling of this photo op, we definitely suggest incorporating some off these props, such as the globe, into your child’s at-home learning space.

back to school backdrop chaulkboard globe

Another very simple option is to get a few balloon accessories and snap away.

back to school balloon decorations backdrop photo op

Back To School Party Decorations

Whether they’re going to be in school with other kids, or going to be distance learning, a fun little back to school party is a great way to get your children amped up and excited for the next school year!

These pencil pennants are perfect for your party! (And you can teach your kids about alliteration at the same time!) DIY banner paper badges can be perfect as well. These are available to buy from a variety of sources, but they’re also super easy to make. Your child will love the chance to craft with you, too!

back to school photodrop pennant banner diy

Balloons are a great party addition, no matter what the reason for the fiesta may be. A gorgeous balloon garland also doubles as a great photo backdrop. Junibel balloon garland kits have a great selection of colors. Or put two together to really make a back to school photo statement. Click here for more Junibel colors.

back to school photo backdrop balloon garland blue pink junibel kit arch

back to school photo backdrop balloon garland green emerald junibel kit arch

Downloadable Activity Sheets And Coloring Sheets

If it’s time to throw your child a party for the start of the social-distancing school year, it’s probably time to get them accustomed to doing a little more homework than they were used to last year.

Breaking out these downloadable activity and coloring sheets is not only fun in the moment, it also helps to prove to your kids that doing school from home might be more enjoyable than they think — and maybe it’ll help your own feelings about it, too!

Taking over the role of educator isn’t easy for a parent, especially if their child has been in public school each year. But after the initial challenge, it can be both easier and more fun for everyone involved. Using activity and coloring sheets together for your kid’s back to school party is a great way to start.

Some great, free resources for activity sheets and coloring sheets:

Activity Village


Worksheet Fun


Just Color

School Station Set-Up

If distance learning is a major part of your life now, it’s probably still fairly new. It’s difficult to know how long it will continue, which can make it hard to plan.

But one thing that’s certain is that education is important, and it’s easier for a child to learn when they’re in a stable environment. Setting up a school station for them will give them exactly what they need.

And it can also build their enthusiasm for the school year, because it’s their own little “class room!”

Desks and supplies are important for any student, but here are a few other suggestions that might be fun for your child. You could even set up the school station as part of the back to school party!

A chalkboard or whiteboard is a basic in a school room — and your kids will probably love having a smaller version in their school set-up at home. It’s great for laying out assignments, as well as art classes and just generally having fun with their school.

back to school chaulkboard backdrop diy

This is a great inspiration for a moveable crafting and art station. Art is one of the best things about school, whether it’s at home or in a classroom, so it’s definitely the time to make the most of it!

back to school art cart supplies

You may not have a dedicated school room in your house, but even if your children have their distance learning set-up in the corner of the living room, you can still give it a “classroom” feel with downloadable school posters. Check out these resources here and here. Or do a search on Etsy for some really cute options.

back to school printable posters homeschool

Making Distance Learning Fun

Are you excited to get your children ready for the upcoming school year? Remember, your enthusiasm will help them to be enthusiastic about their learning journey, too! 

What do you plan to do for your back to school party?


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