Balloons And Florals = The Perfect Combo!

Balloons And Florals = The Perfect Combo!

It’s summer time, which means that outdoor parties and floral-inspired decorations are all the rage.

Of course, the springtime is well known for the abundance of flowers popping out everywhere — and in the fall and winter, we really want to see as many floral-themed things as possible — so let's revise that. No matter what time of year it is, it’s always the perfect season for florals and greens!

Floral decorations are versatile, offering a huge range of types and colors. And while they’re pretty enough on their own, we think that including them along with classic, fun, and gorgeous balloon decorations is also a bright idea.

We’ve gathered our ten favorite balloon and floral arrangement inspirations, and put them together in this list to see if we can convince you of the same!

Balloons And Palm Fronds

For a tropical vibe that fits the summer heat perfectly, take a look at this balloon and palm frond inspiration. Palms are pretty easy to come by in craft and hobby stores, and if you live in the right area, you could probably even get some from your own outdoors! If neither of these options work for you, though, here is a YouTube tutorial on how to make them from paper.

flowers and balloons floral palm fronds garland arch

Gigantic Balloons And Roses Arch

This is such a stunning effect, we wouldn’t even mind the fact that it probably takes a while to set up! This inspiration is perfect as it is, but could be easily adapted to your circumstances.

Using an existing outdoor arch or trellis, attach a balloon arch or garland with tape, and intersperse florals and greens throughout. This makes an amazing backdrop for photo ops! The photo below is using the Junibel Tropical balloon garland kit.

balloons and flowers floral roses garland arch roses backdrop photo op

junibel balloons florals flowers garland and arch kit tropical pink backdrop

Balloon Arch Hoop With Floral Accents

The setting for this decoration inspiration is amazing, what with the inviting outdoor fireplace.Obviously, not all of us have quite the same circumstances, but regardless of where your party space is located, this restrained balloon arch hoop (well...comparatively restrained, at least!) with a few flowers and greens interspersed is a delicate and appealing decoration choice.

We also like the bouquets of matching flowers that are included around the center of attention.

flowers and balloons floral hoop arch garland decoration

 Floral Ribbons

If you’re using stand-alone helium balloons in your party decoration, then a DIY floral ribbon is a gorgeous look. Use these tethers as an excuse to put your own personal touch on your decorations.

They’re simple to make, and we’ve dug up a great tutorial on how to do it.

floral flower balloon ribon tutorial helium

Balloon Florals, And Balloons That Are Florals

One of the best things about incorporating greenery with your balloon decorations is that it really gives the impression that your balloons are the florals. And that’s certainly the case with this set of pretty pinks and peaches, interspersed with ferns and leaves.

Draped around a party table setting, the balloon colors echo the flowers included in vases, as well.

balloons and flowers florals garland arch tropical

Overflowing Table Decorations

Are there more balloons in these decorations, or are there more flowers? It’s almost impossible to tell! Either way, this gorgeous set piece of decoration is a classic example of the “go big or go home” aesthetic.

balloons flowers florals arch garland table setting overflow pink 

Peaches And Leaves Table Decorations

Is it just us, or is this a really incredible monochromatic color for a balloon decoration? There’s just something about this pretty, peachy pink that makes the leaves really stand out. This design is amazing as a table decoration, but it’s easy to picture it as a wall arch, too, and would be great for a photo backdrop.

balloons and florals flowers garland arch table setting in peach greenery monochromatic

Bringing Balloons To The Great Outdoors

Perhaps one of the best ways to combine balloons and florals is a no-brainer — take your balloon decorations outside!

This multicolored, fun balloon garland does incorporate some flowers and greens within the arch itself, but the natural backdrop behind it is what really makes it pop — no pun intended. That being said, a little extra care may be necessary to make sure that your garden doesn’t deflate your decorations before your guests have a chance to finish oohing and ahhing over them. 

balloons and flowers florals outdoor garland arch

Giant Roses, Greens, And Balloons Bouquet

We’re not entirely sure whether you could even grip a bouquet this size with both hands,but whether it’s just a decoration or something super-extra that you carry down the aisle, you have to admit that it’s stunning!

balloon and florals flower bouquet pink 

Fern Balloons

We’ve seen a lot of gorgeous examples of florals and greens being included next to balloons — but what about actually being inside the balloons themselves?

Whether you like the novelty factor, or the delicacy of the ferns and how glass-like they make the translucent balloons appear, we’re sure that you’ll appreciate this fascinating, gorgeous, unique take on balloons and greens.

balloons and flowers florals fern inside clear balloon helium

Is it Balloons with a Touch of Florals or Florals with a Touch of Balloons?

So that was our list of ten top favorite balloon and floral combinations. We think this is a great combination with a lot of potential — how did we do? Did we convince you, too?

Let us know about your favorite balloon and floral decoration ideas in the comments!



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