10 Most Creative Party Favors that Adults will Adore

10 Most Creative Party Favors that Adults will Adore

 Let your guests know how much you appreciate them by sending them home with a thoughtful gift that will remind them of your party. Whether it’s a wedding, tea party, or shower, guests will feel the love long after they leave your party.

Claim your crown as the perfect host with these brilliant party favor ideas.

1) Sweet Succulents

Besides being budget-friendly, these are extremely popular. Your guests will love any cactus pun you can add to it whether it be “aloe there” or “I’m a succa for babies” depending on your theme.

2) Mini Cocktail Sets

Your guests will love these adorable mason jar cocktail sets that include everything you need to make a single serving. You can even customize it to your party theme’s drink or your guest-of-honor’s favorite.

3) Loose Leaf Tea

These make the prettiest gifts that are sure to please any distinguished guest. Mix up varieties or make a tea medley. Add a personalized label to make it even more special.

4) Pinecone Fire Starter

Talk about a pretty and practical gift! They look gorgeous, smell amazing and you can literally use them in the fireplace.

5) S’mores Kit

Bring out the kid within with these fun marshmallow and chocolate kits. Add your own label see your guests of all ages squeal with delight.

6) Mini Wine Bottles

Who doesn’t love a single serving wine bottle. Slap on your personalized label and you’ll have a hit.

7) Mani/Pedi in a Jar

If you’re hosting a baby shower or engagement this might just be a perfect gift.

8) Custom Chocolate Bars

Re-wrap your favorite chocolate bars by removing the original wrapper, add a band of plain coloured paper and then add a your printed label on the outside. Your guests will love this a “choco-lot”.

9) Tea and Cookies Box

Show your sophisticated side by coupling tea bags with home made cookies. Put them in a cute box and wrap with pretty paper and ribbon.

10) Flowers To Go

You can double task your table centerpiece blooms as party favours by providing waterproof/cellophane bags and letting your guests take flowers home at the end of your event.

Those are some of our most popular and creative party favor ideas.

What’s your favorite one? 

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