How to Make an Insta-worthy Balloon Backdrop

How to Make an Insta-worthy Balloon Backdrop

Nowadays, everyone’s craving unique selfies. If you want to make sure your event is memorable and full of photo-ops ready for your guest’s (and your own) social media feed, create a balloon photo booth backdrop that'll give them a reason to grin.

Not only do balloon decorations bring out the kid in any grownup but you can transform any blank wall or feature an area just for photos.

We’ll take you step-by-step through the process and get you inspired to make your own creative balloon wall. Bonus: no helium required.

1) Choose your location

You might be jazzing up an empty space just for photos, creating a focal point for the guest-of-honor, or making the dessert table extra pretty. Maybe you'll want to attach one to your stair banister or exterior front door area for a grand entrance. Once you pick your area or areas for your balloon garland, map out how you’d like it to drape. This is where you can have fun with your creative side.

balloon garland locations stairwell blank wall dessert table

balloon garland arch stairs stairway bannister white gold balloons decorations

2) Check for fixtures 

If there are sturdy fixtures on the wall or ceiling that you can hang your balloons to, that’s great! If you need more holding points, get a few adhesive hooks (Command Hooks work great) and you’ll be able to hang your garland anywhere.

 wall fixtures to hang balloon garland arch command adhesive hooks

3) Get a Junibel balloon garland kit

There are a few ways to DIY your own balloon garland but if you want one that will look fabulous guaranteed without the hassle, get yourself a Junibel balloon garland kit. They come with small, medium and large balloons in curated colors, a 17’ balloon strip that acts as the spine of the arch, glue dots to fill in the gaps and string to hang the arch to your wall. You can merge their kits together to make an even grander statement and custom your color scheme. Click here to see their options.

junibel balloon garland arch kit pretty pinks parts list

4) Save your breath

Please make sure you have an electric balloon pump. This is a MUST. Do not even think about blowing up all of your balloons by mouth. You will thank me for this tip. Also, you can use it for any other balloon garlands you make in the future. It is possible to get a handheld pump as a 2nd resort, but for a couple extra bucks, the electric pump is a lifesaver. You’re welcome.

 junibel electric balloon pump save your breath

5) Watch this quick tips video 

It has some simple but extremely effective tricks on how to make your balloon garland even easier. Here's the link: TIPS & TRICKS video

Note: If you want to go the extra mile, you can add some bling to your garland with greenery, flowers or small stuffed animals. add extras to balloon garland arch greenery tropical leaves flowers

You won’t believe how easy it is to make and you’ll have a backdrop that you might just consider keeping up even after the party is over. Now all you have left to do is watch the reactions of your guests when they see your beautiful masterpiece. 

What party colors inspire you? Comment below↡

How to make an Insta-worthy balloon backdrop step-by-step



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