How to Plan a Super Fun Social Distancing Kid's Party

Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you have to cancel the party. There are lots of ways to celebrate at home. All you need is a little creativity.

First thing to remember is that kids appreciate spending time with their parents. You are the people they love the most. This is a perfect time to let your inner child come out and share that joy with them.

Here are some clever ways to unleash that joy together.

1) Fact: balloons = smiles.
While they’re sleeping, set up your balloon decorations. A Junibel Balloon Garland Kit is a super easy way to make a big impact. You’ll hear the squeals of delight when they wake up and it will set the mood that today will be a fun day.

social distancing kids party balloon garland kit

2) Give the gift of quality time.
No distractions, no to-do list, just you and your kids hanging out together. Often the best gift we can give a child is our attention.

family time social distancing isolation party quality time

3) Get their friends and grandparents to Skype/Zoom in.
They can get in on the fun too if you ask all those “attending" to wear or create something. If your theme is super hero-related, dress up in capes and masks. Or if it’s a “quaran-tea-party", dress up in frilly dresses and bow-ties.

social distancing party grandparents zoom skype party

4) Plan virtual games and activities.
Have a dance party with a freeze dance portion. Do a talent show with both parents and kids involved. Draw pictures together and display them on screen. Have everybody dress up as their favorite superhero. Have fun!

social distancing kids party dressup superhero costume

5) Plan non-virtual games and activities.
This is a great time to focus more on intimate connection. You’ll be creating new, positive memories that your whole family will always remember.

Here’s a list of super fun ideas:

If you have Lego, set a Lego challenge to see who can make something specific in a set time period.

social distancing party lego challenge activity family time 

Arrange a scavenger hunt. Hide gifts and leave clues all over the house. Depending on your child’s age and ability, you can make it easier or harder.

social distancing party activities with kids scavenger hunt family

Make cards to mail to loved ones. You can either physically mail them or take pictures and send them through the virtual mail.

social distancing party activities with kids make cards

Make chalk drawings in the driveway with happy messages for any neighbors or delivery people that walk by.

social distancing party activities with kids chaulk drawing for neighbor

Have a family slumber party. Set up lots of pillows and blankets in the living room and watch a favorite movie together.

social distancing party activities with kids family slumber sleep over party

Go camping! Set the tent up in your backyard or in your living room. Eat s’mores, cozy up in your sleeping bags and sing campfire songs.

social distancing party activities with kids camping backyard tent family

Make breakfast together. It’s always a fun treat when you eat pancakes for lunch or dinner.

social distancing party activities with kids make breakfast together family

Have a theme for the day. If your theme is Hawaiian, wear tropical shirts/dresses and even dress up the pets. Sip drinks out of a pineapple and dance to ukulele tunes.

social distancing party activities with kids tropical hawaiian party plates family

Make a family photo booth complete with silly props and over the top accessories. Set up in front of your balloon garland or any backdrop you create and snap away!

social distancing party activities with kids family photo booth props

The shift from the busy “normal” life to home life can be challenging, but the outcome can be very special as you get to spend more time with your precious family.

View this time as an opportunity to create epic memories with your kids. For our next post we let our kids plan their own home party. Stay tuned…

Have some more social distancing party ideas? Let us know below!

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