Most Unique Baby Shower Themes for 2020 - Part 3 of 3

Most Unique Baby Shower Themes for 2020 - Part 3 of 3

Here are the final 5 baby shower themes that are rocking our world for the year 2020. Let's dive right in...

11) Modern

Clean lines and geometric shapes make for a modern and sleek baby shower.


12) Fiesta

Let’s fiesta until we siesta! Bright colors, a mimosa bar and maybe a taco pun or two. It’ll be spec-taco-lar and a party they’ll taco-about for ages!


13) Tea Party

Celebrate the mother-to-be with an elegant tea party theme featuring scrumptious tarts and scones, bite-size sandwiches, delicious cookies, and other sweet treats.

14) Pastel

Soft pastels make for a dreamy baby shower theme.

15) Monochromatic

A monochromatic theme can really dazzle and up the elegance factor.  Black, white and grey tones can make for an edgy feel that will make the parents-to-be stand out.

That concludes our segments on Top Baby Shower Themes for 2020. Of course there's always new themes trending and we'll make sure you're in the know.

What theme will you use at your next party? Comment below!

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