Our Top Fourteen Best Wedding Balloon Decoration Inspirations

Our Top Fourteen Best Wedding Balloon Decoration Inspirations

You might think that balloons are most “at home” when used to decorate a baby shower or a kids’ party. After all, they’re bright, colorful, and fun, but not really used for more “dignified” occasions — like weddings.


Well, we beg to differ. For one thing, balloons come in a huge range of colors, styles, and uses. So if you’re holding off on using them just because you think they might not fit the tone of the occasion, you could really be missing out.

For another, who says your wedding can’t be bright, colorful, and fun!

Take a look at these fourteen wedding balloon decoration ideas, and let us know what you think.

Decorate The Head Table

As soon as you set foot into the reception venue, you always look towards the head table. There, as soon as the bride and groom arrive, they’ll be sitting looking out over their assembled friends and family. There will probably be as many pictures of the new couple sitting at their table as there are of them saying their vows!

The head table comes in for a lot of scrutiny — and photo ops. That makes it the perfect opportunity for these giant white “Mr. and Mrs.” balloons, combined with decorative greenery.

wedding decoration head table giant mr mrs balloons helium

 Use Letter Balloons

While we’re talking about decorations for the head table, there’s no better place to use letter balloons, either to identify their seats or just to draw attention. We suggest using the initial letters of the names of the bride and groom, or something like these rose gold “Mr. and Mrs.” foil balloons.

wedding decorations mr and mrs cursive writing foil balloons head table

Include Balloons In Wedding Photos

Using balloons is a great way to add whimsy and a splash of color to your wedding photography. Use the colors you’ve chosen for your wedding, and include them in couples photos, bride or groom photos, pictures with the family — the possibilities are endless!

wedding decorations balloon photo opportunity couple backdrop

Balloons in wedding photography are a classy, romantic nod to the joy felt by the brand-new couple.

Even a DIY balloon garland will make a beautiful statement and memorable photos for the couple and their guests. 

Junibel has pretty kits to choose from like the Pretty Pinks kit below. See here other options here.

wedding balloon decorations photo opportunity pink entrance

Photo Op Station At A Balloon Backdrop

On the slightly less-official side of wedding photography, you just know that your wedding guests are going to be snapping selfies all night long. Hardly a party gets thrown these days without providing a backdrop to the guests. This cool balloon backdrop is sure to give you some inspiration.

wedding balloon decoration backdrop mr and mrs 

— Or A Balloon Arch

Along the same lines, a balloon arch provides a fantastic photo op spot, giving your guests just the right combination of classy and fun. Balloon arches are easy to put up, can be assembled on site and moved as necessary, just in case the location doesn’t work out as well as hoped.

They’re also beautiful additions to cake table, head table, and dance floor decorations!

Imagine the fun pics you'll create for your flower girls... (Junibel Frosty Gold balloon garland arch shown below)

wedding decorations balloon photo backdrop arch garland frosty gold junibel

Glitter Or Confetti Filled Balloons

Glitter or confetti just give a specially festive atmosphere to any event — who doesn’t want their wedding day to be sparkly and colorful?

You can buy balloons that already have glitter or confetti in them, but they’re also easy to make. Just take a look at this tutorial for a walkthrough and some pro tips.

wedding balloon decoration confetti filled balloons

Balloon Hearts

Whether you use heart-shaped balloons or just form a balloon arch into a heart arrangement, a wedding is the best time to start getting lovey-dovey with the balloon arrangements. 

Again, ready-made heart arrangements are available, but if you prefer to arrange it yourself, you could even use one or two balloon garlands and make the perfect shape.

wedding balloon decorations heart shape

Line The Aisle

When it’s actually time to walk down the aisle, balloons make a beautiful accent to the aisle itself. Couple the balloons with paper pennants, bunting, or florals.

wedding decorations balloon aisle

While we’re talking about lining the aisles, what about combining another classic balloon decoration, the balloon arch?

This sky-blue and white color palette is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.

wedding balloon decorations blue aisle

White And Gold Balloon Arrangements

It’s hard to imagine anything more stunning — and perfect for a wedding reception — than this combination of gold and white balloons. All-white balloon arches really class up the decorations, and adding in (battery powered) candles and gold accents makes for a gorgeous occasion. 

wedding white gold balloons decoration backdrop

Combine Balloons And Greenery

A lot of great inspiration comes from combining two different decorating ideas into one — in this case, glitter balloons and greenery. 

wedding balloon decorations white gold greenery table backdrop 

Use Balloons For Table Decorations

Another great inspiration for classing up the occasion — these simple white balloon table decorations. If you don’t want to show the string, you can use ribbon  — or, like they did in the image, wrap it in greenery.


wedding decorations table balloons white

Giant Balloons

Giant balloons really take the decor of a wedding to the next level. Whether they are free standing, attached to chairs, randomly scattered or evenly spaced, these extra-large decorations ramp up the festivities, while still keeping the atmosphere beautiful and dignified.

wedding table giant balloons white decorations

Incredible Inspiration For Balloon Decorations For Weddings

There are endless possibilities for wedding decorations — and a lot of the most beautiful, unique, and fun variations involve balloons!

Which of these ideas inspired you?





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