Perfect, Pretty, Party - The Prettiest Balloon Decorations

Perfect, Pretty, Party - The Prettiest Balloon Decorations

Have you ever come across a piece of party decor that made you want to waltz around the house singing, “I feel pretty...oh, so pretty…”

If your answer is “Yes!” then we have something in common!

And if your answer is “No,” then don’t worry… we’re about to fix that for you.

You can throw a party for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes you just want to arrange decorations that make your visitors sigh deeply and say, “It’s just so pretty!”

If that’s your aim, then this is the article for you! We’ve compiled a list of some of the prettiest balloon decorations we’ve ever seen, and we hope you’ll agree that they are, quite frankly, downright adorable!

On-Trend Colors And Texture Mixing

This is number one for a reason — it’s just one of the most perfect mixes of colors and textures that we’ve ever seen. There’s a few shades of mauve, a very popular color, mixed with pearlescent silver, a sweet gray, and with bunches of roses mixed in as well. The blend of colors and textures makes this a stand-out balloon garland and perfect for heading up this list.

And, yeah, it did literally make us sigh and say, “It’s so pretty!”


Pretty balloon decorations flowers so pretty

All That Glitters Is Gold...And Balloons

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of pretty and elegant (prelegant? eletty?), then it’s hard to go wrong with gold accents. Our own Junibel garland kit uses pearlescent gold balloons and gold glitter balloons, all mixed in with luminescent silver and elegant white. 

Whether you stick with these colors on their own or use them in conjunction with another color palette, this balloon garland will elevate the occasion, bringing that sought-after quality of prelegant...or eletty. 

Junibel's Frosty Gold kit shown below. Click here for more details.


Pretty balloons frosty gold white junibel balloon garland arch kit

All Balloons, All The Time

Sometimes, a great balloon decoration is about quality over quantity — and sometimes it’s about both. This is a great example of that!

If you’re willing to go all-in on your balloon decorations, then this could be the perfect pattern for you to follow. Using multiple garlands, as well as balloons as table decorations, this set of pretty balloon decorations makes for truly evocative party decor. Even if you opt for a different color rather than the pearlescent pink, the sheer number of gorgeous garlands is sure to create a beautiful atmosphere for your get-together.

pretty balloons pink backdrop

Feeling Bubbly

On the other hand, sometimes less really is more. If you’re looking for a more restrained, refined, but still very, very pretty balloon decoration, consider delicate clear, lightly tinted, or pearlescent balloons, used sparsely as a bubbly backdrop. A very pretty, very upscale take on balloon decorations, perfect for a more grown-up party.

Junibel Pretty Pinks shown below. Click here for more details.


pretty balloons champagne bubbly bubbles balloons backdrop

Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Looking for something a little more crafty? Consider using this hot air balloon netting tutorial to create a hot air balloon — using an actual balloon.

What we love about this one is how well it blends different elements, like the basket and the flowers. It really is open for a lot of different aesthetic choices, from flowers and succulents to other basket fillers, each of them just as pretty as the next. 

If you’re looking to spend a little time self-crafting your pretty balloon decoration, this could be the perfect table centerpiece for your next party.

pretty balloon pink hot air balloon centrepiece centerpiece table

All The Elegance

Again using a slightly more restrained take on balloon decorations, this set-up really shows how balloons can elevate a dressy occasion even further. Combined with gold, glass, candles, and mauve flowers, these large clear and white balloons are tied in place with tasseled and beaded lines. 

It just goes to show that sometimes, in order to really get the prettiest balloon decoration, you need to pay attention to the individual elements and how they work together. Attention to detail takes your balloon decorations to the next level.

Of course, having a stunning table set-up doesn’t hurt, either!

pretty balloons clear table setup elegant

Sparkles, Marbles, And Unicorns — Oh My!

With a slight departure from the “elegant pretty,” let’s finish up our list with “just downright cute.” This unicorn and balloon garland makes a gorgeous backdrop for a girls’ party. Again, it uses a mix of textures in the balloon arrangement, including pearlescent balloons and marbled balloons.

The pinks, purples, sea greens, and baby blues are also right on-point for the unicorn-inspired party aesthetic — which, yes, is a popular trend right now!

unicorn balloon pretty

Perfect, Pretty, Party!

If you’re looking for unique, pretty party decorations, balloon garlands and other balloon decorations could be perfect for you.

Between colors, types, sizes, textures, and mixes, it’s easy to find the perfect balloon decoration variant for your upcoming gathering.

What are the prettiest balloon decorations you’ve ever come across?





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