Pet Parties — Eight Great Ideas To Help You Celebrate Your Fur Babies

Pet Parties — Eight Great Ideas To Help You Celebrate Your Fur Babies

Are you the kind of person that goes to a party and spends the whole time making friends with the dog?


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Well, boy, have we got a solution for you!

Everyone wants to tell the world about just how great their pet is. That’s why we keep pictures of our dogs, cats, and goldfish, on our phones, just waiting for the conversation to turn to animals and give us a chance to show them off. But why wait for a “casual” conversation? What you really want to do is celebrate your pet, and invite others to celebrate their pets, too!

So why not throw a pet party?

Whether you have one animal or ten, and whether you’re throwing the party just for your own pup or kitty or you’re inviting all their local friends, pet parties are not only entertaining — they’re a sure-fire way to inject some adorability into your life.

Here are some great ideas for an outdoor summer pet party, sure to make for an event just as cute as your fur babies themselves!

Pet Party Decorations

Any good party starts with appropriate decorations, and a pet party is no exception to the rule. Of course, there are plenty of non-pet-themed decoration ideas out there, and all of those could easily be adapted for your pet’s upcoming fiesta.

If you’re looking for pet-specific party decorations, though, we heartily suggest these “woof!” balloon letters. Balloons are classic party fare to begin with, so giving a nod to your pup at the same time really brings you closer together — which is all your pup has ever wanted! 

pet party foil balloon decoration backdrop letters woof let's pawty

If you want more dog-inspired balloon options, take a look at these decoration possibilities.

pet party balloon decoration ideas party animal foil balloons

Decorate Your Pet, Too!

Of course, it’s not just about the surroundings — it’s really all about the main star of the show. That’s right, your pet!

Would you even be having a party without them? Nope! You’d probably be doing something really boring, like balancing your check book. Instead, you get to hang out and party with your best pal. So you’ll definitely want to make sure that they are dressed up for the occasion!

Putting hats on cats (and dogs) is an adorable way to get everyone into the festive mood.

pet party hat dress up dog cat

Just a side note — a cat in a party hat will always look annoyed, whether they’re having a good time or not.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are another party staple. How else would we remember the fantastic time that we had at the event?

This is another area where you could easily adapt an existing photo backdrop idea and add your own pet-themed touches. We had fun setting up a Junibel balloon garland backdrop to celebrate with our pup, Heidi. Read more about it here. And see the Tropical kit we used here.

pet party junibel balloon garland arch pink fushcia dog celebration

Here's a couple more ideas for a balloon backdrop.

pet party balloon backdrop garland wall

Or you could use a simple backdrop that works for the party theme, as seen here.

pet party backdrop balloons simple

It’s Always Time For Cake!

What’s a party without cake? Not a party at all, that’s what!

But, of course, the cake that works for a human party won’t work for a dog or cat party. Great care needs to be taken over the selection of ingredients and the recipe you use, to ensure that you’re not including anything that might be toxic to your pet.

Additionally, if you opt to use a recipe that includes foods your pet has never tried before, it’s recommended that you give them the chance to try out a little bit beforehand. Give them the unusual ingredient a few days before you bake the cake, and keep an eye on them to make sure that they don’t have any adverse reaction.

And, of course, it’s always good to keep your pet from being a hog!

Take a look at the easy homemade dog-friendly cake recipe here.

Pet parties party dog cake treat homemade

Party-Themed Pet Treats

On top of the cake (other than frosting), there are other types of treats, as well.

Again, the same recommendations and disclaimers apply — make sure that the food you use is safe for your pet to eat.

You may choose to buy your pet’s favorite treats, or you can go the fancy route and whip up some homemade treats instead, like these.

One thing a human party is usually known for is having a plethora of snack food options — so you may want to go all-out for your pet, too!

Adding in a little flair to the finished treats is a great way to dress up the presentation and keep it true to the party theme, as well.

pet party dog hat cake decorations

Getting All The Animals Involved

Is your pet party solely centered around your animal, or does he or she have some local neighborhood buddies who might enjoy a party, too?

Pet parties are great ways to give your animals time to play with their peers and friends. Just make sure that they get along!

A pet party with your friends’ animals also makes for a great photo op.

pet party friends sunglasses pool poodles photo op

Pet Costumes

Speaking of photo opportunities, here’s an idea for a pet party theme or contest — pet costumes!

Yes, most people just break these out around fall, but let’s face it: a dog dressed as an Ewok and a cat dressed as a pirate is just gold, all year round. 

pet party costumes dress up photo opportunities ops cat dog

Pet Party Activities

So, you’ve got your decorations, you’ve got your safe-ingredient cake and treats, your furry guests are sitting around wagging their tails at each other — what next?

Here are a few pet party activity ideas:

A ball pit, with or without water. A pet pool party.

pet party pool party dogs in pool

 A pet sleepover. A pet picnic.

pet party sleepover picnic

Pet Party Palooza!

One of the best things about a pet party (apart from all the pets, that is) is that, no matter what you do, the pets will enjoy every minute of it. And, even more than that, the owners will love it, too!

Did any of these ideas give you inspiration for your own pet party? Let us know about it in the comments, and please share photos of your adorable pets!


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