Seven Awesome Kids Summer Party Ideas

Seven Awesome Kids Summer Party Ideas

Are you looking for a way to get the kids out of the house and into the great outdoors? (Or at least into your backyard?)

Throwing a themed party or event for your children and their friends is a great way to go about it. With something fun and fantastic to look forward to, you won’t have any trouble peeling them away from their devices.

Here are some seriously awesome ideas for how to entertain and occupy your kids this summer.

Pool Party

A pool party is a classic for the summer. If you’re stuck at home in hot weather, every day can be a pool party. (There may be rules limiting how many people you can invite, but there are no rules about how many pool parties you can have!)

Organize pool games, swimming and diving contests, set up a slide — or just give them a beach ball and set them loose.

Kids summer party pool party balloons balloon garland arch

 Summer Olympics Party

Kids are full of energy. Sometimes we love it, sometimes it’s exhausting, and sometimes we just wish that we could keep going like the Energizer bunny, just like they do.

If you’re looking for a healthy way to unleash that energy, what about throwing a fun Olympics-style event for your kids and their friends? You can set up simple obstacle courses in your backyard, using jungle gyms and other equipment you already have at hand. You could also organize a three-legged race, an egg and spoon race, and a relay race. 

And after the kids get all hot playing in the sun, then it’s time for a little dodgeball — with water balloons.

kids summer party ideas olympic games

 Outdoor Movie Night

There’s nothing quite like curling up on a cushion and watching a movie while the stars come out overhead. If your town isn’t one of the many who host “Movies in the Park” events, then why not start the tradition yourself? 

All you really need is a projector and a white sheet to project the movie on. Of course, those are just the basics — any kid would tell you that there also should be popcorn, candy, snacks...and the list goes on.

Spreading blankets out on the lawn and tossing out some throw pillows so the kids can relax as they watch a film is a simple way to accommodate any number of movie party attendees. 

kids summer party ideas movie night outdoors

 Backyard Camping

If you’re like us, a family camping trip was something that we always looked forward to — at least while we were growing up. As adults, we understand how much more of a hassle it really is for those who are in charge of organizing it and making sure that everyone has what they need.

Backyard camping is the perfect compromise between camping and staying home. And it’s a great way to let your kids associate with others while still maintaining a little bit of social distance and staying outside.

You can set up a real tent, or even just a simple makeshift shelter using a blanket over a rope. Start a fire in your firepit and set up a s’mores assembly line to keep each and every kid happy.

kids summer party backyard camping tent smores outdoor

Art Afternoon

Ready for a new idea? It’s time to get messy!

Set up an art afternoon party for your kids and their friends. It can be themed or freestyle, using paint, crayons, pens, air-dry clay, canvas, coloring books, or any other materials you like! One of the great things about art afternoons is that they are endlessly versatile. And another great thing is that most of the materials you might want to use are readily available at the dollar store.

Art parties work well for kids of all ages. They give older ones a chance to express themselves and practice techniques they may have already learned. And they’re the perfect method to inspire creativity in the littles.

Just be ready for the cleanup!

kids summer party outdoor art easels station

Beach Ball Volleyball

Inside the pool or on dry land, beach balls are a boon to parents who are trying to entertain their children. If you want to throw a party that’s a little less structured than a summer “Olympics” party, and a little more team-oriented than an art party, it might be time to pick your teams and set up a beach ball volleyball tournament.

Don’t have a net? Don’t worry! It’s easy enough to string a line or rope across the space to mark where the ball needs to go. 

Just a tip — the bigger the beach ball, the bigger the fun.

kids summer party volleyball outdoor pool

Popsicle Party

Summer means heat — and kids complaining about the heat. You could spend all summer looking for ways to cool them down that don’t involve them sitting in an air-conditioned house for twelve hours a day.

Enter popsicle parties. There are a few different routes to go with this: you could choose to buy the popsicles ahead of time, getting a variety or your children’s favorites.

Or, if you’re ready to invest a little time, effort, and cleanup, you could get ingredients and popsicle molds to let the kids make their own. (For inspiration, see this list of more than forty popsicle recipes.) 

Don't forget to decorate any of your stations. Junibel has really easy to make and pretty options for balloon garland kits. Find your colors here.

kids summer party popsicle station balloon garland table

Party Inspiration: Keep The Kids Occupied

Nobody really needs an excuse for a party. The fact that it’s summer is excuse enough!

Celebrate life and family with these seven ideas — or create your own. 

Which of these seven summer party ideas for kids are you going to try?



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