Seven Fantastic Balloon Decorations That You Can DIY

Seven Fantastic Balloon Decorations That You Can DIY

We live in the age of DIY — and a fantastic age it is! Why buy something ready-made from a store when you can put your own spin on it and make it just how you like?

Of course, not all of us are naturally gifted when it comes to crafting — and sometimes we see a finished product and think, “Yeah, but I could never do that myself!”

Well, we’re here to tell you that we believe in your ability to DIY!

Along with more readily-available products and tools that help even beginner DIY-ers with their projects, there is also a plethora of tutorials and walkthroughs for almost every project imaginable. And today we’re focusing on some gorgeous, fun, totally doable DIY balloon decorations.

These balloon decor items are perfect for your next party or get-together — or they can just be used to add a little excitement and enthusiasm to your day! Yes, that’s how easy they are to put together — you don’t even need to have a specific occasion in mind for them.

We’ve included photos and links to tutorials to give you an idea about what the finished product could look like. But, as is the case with all DIY projects, don’t limit yourself or your creativity. Put your own touches on your projects — that’s the whole point behind doing it yourself!

Hot Air Balloon

Originally designed as table decorations for weddings, these hot air balloons are decor inspiration for all kinds of occasions. Putting the macrame-style netting together can take a little bit of practice, but we’ve included a helpful YouTube tutorial that we’ve found. And we’re sure that you’ll agree it’s worth the effort!

These hot air balloon decorations are sure to send your party flying to the next level.

diy balloon decorations hot air balloon table centerpiece

 Balloon Arch

Balloon arches run the gamut from “simple” to “so complicated, it should be left to the experts.” But a good balloon arch doesn’t need to be impossible to achieve on your own — in fact, as a DIY-er, you should be able to put together a stunning balloon arch that would make party decor experts sit up and take notice.

That’s why balloon arches and garlands from Junibel were created — to give you a fun, DIY take on a classic, elegant, party-inspiring balloon arch. Here’s a short video tutorial with some tips or watch below.

 junibel diy balloon garland arch lavender dreams purple rustic 

Florals And Balloons

Is there any prettier mix than florals, greenery, and balloons? Well, it’s time to find out, if you’re ready to DIY these floral-ribboned balloons. Using helium balloons, silk flowers and greenery, and this tutorial, you can create some stand-out stand-up balloon decorations that are just perfect for a summer party or an outdoor wedding.

diy balloon decoration florals 

Giant Confetti Balloon

Confetti or glitter balloons are super popular in the world of party decoration. The reason why is obvious — they make a fantastic impact! So if “fantastic impact” is the qualifier that you’re looking for, we heartily recommend that you take a minute to look at this incredibly easy tutorial.

It’s true, if you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to put the effort into this project, you can buy confetti or glitter balloons ready-made. But our motto is, “Why buy when you can DIY?” We hope you’ll enjoy the ability to add personal touches as you do this project.

diy balloon decoration confetti giant balloons table centerpiece

Silk Flower Balloons

Looking for a very simple DIY to elevate your balloon decoration game even higher? 

These super-simple silk flower balloons could be exactly what you want. (Find the easy-to-follow tutorial here.) You don’t really need anything more than balloons, fake flowers, and a hot glue gun, and you’ll end up with an elegant result that hardly takes any time at all to put together.

diy balloon decorations silk flowers

The Great Gold Brush Balloon Decoration

A gold and white color scheme is a classy decor decision, no matter how you slice it. And if you want to incorporate that scheme in your balloon decorations, we’ve got an easy way to do it: giant white balloons, a little gold metallic paint, and your imagination and DIY energy.

If you want to brighten it up, add some colors for a whimsical feel.

diy balloon decoration painted gold brush colors

Baby Shower Balloon Decoration

Getting ready for a summer shower? Here’s a pitch-perfect shower decoration for you — pun intended, too.

The tutorial source we found has disappeared from the internet, but really you don’t even need it. Just create drop-shaped cutouts and attach them to ribbons tied to helium balloons of your color choice.

 diy balloon decoration clouds baby shower white

Get Ready To DIY!

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of putting together an awesome project all on your own — especially when it turns out beautifully. DIY projects give us a feeling of accomplishment, as well as the chance to give our projects that special, personal touch that makes it really “ours.”

We hope that this list of seven DIY balloon decorations inspired you to give one of them a try — or maybe all seven!







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