The Most Important Summer Garden Party Essentials

The Most Important Summer Garden Party Essentials

It’s summer! We’re all enjoying the sunshine, whether in the pool, on the porch, on a shaded bench in the garden — staying cool is a big component of making it through the summer months! 

That being said, it’s the perfect time to make the most of the beautiful weather and the chance to be outdoors. Summertime is garden party time — whether it’s a barbecue, a tea party, or just a chance to sit in a pretty place, preferably with some misters going to cool you down.

Best of all, with current recommendations advising only small groups that meet outside so some social distancing can be maintained, a small garden party is ideal for the health, safety, and fun level of everyone involved.

Take a look at some of our garden party essentials, including party decoration ideas and inspiration.

Outdoor Decorations

It’s time to take the fiesta outdoors! Your garden is probably pretty enough all on its own, but adding a few fun decorations can really create something special.

If you’re going for a luau-type vibe, or really anything tropical, these leaf cut-outs are a colorful accent to garden party decor.

summer garden party tropical leaves balloons

Balloon wreaths, garlands, and backdrops are an awesome addition to a party, outside or in. Be careful with the set-up if you’re going to be displaying these kits over gravel or anything that might be sharp — the last thing you want is a bunch of popped balloons in your party decor!

These make great backdrops for photo ops, too!

Junibel balloon garland kits take all the guess-work out of making a balloon arch.  Click here for more details. 

summer garden party balloon arch garland decorations

 These colorful paper lanterns in different sizes are a fun look, too, perfectly mimicking the colors of the flowers in your garden. You can use lanterns with flameless, battery-operated candles, or just let the colors shine for themselves.

summer garden party patio lantern decorations 

Even though the summer evenings last far longer than any other time of year, it’ll still get dark eventually — which makes the perfect backdrop for twinkle or fairy lights.

 summer garden party patio lights mood twinkle lights

Water Misters And Shade Umbrellas

Summer — it’s hot, right? That’s the understatement of the year! You want your guests to enjoy your party (and you want to enjoy it, too, especially with all the running around getting things ready you’re likely to be doing), not succumb to heat exhaustion while they’re drinking punch.

Shade umbrellas are definitely a must, if you have the right table set-up for them.

summer garden party patio umbrella

And you can make them really fun, too, by adding decorations like colorful paper lanterns.

 summer garden patio umbrellas decorated lights balloons paper lanterns 

Water misters can be something of an investment, so you probably don’t want to run out and get them just for your garden party. On the other hand, if you do have them, you’re likely to use them all summer long! You can find set-ups that range around your patio, or even some that clip on to fans to maximize the reach of the cooling mist.

summer garden party water mister

Fire Pit

A final recommendation for a gorgeous garden party, especially for smaller groups, is a good fire pit.

Be sure to maintain good safety practices when using fire pits, and pay attention to any fire hazard warnings in your area due to the wind or weather. 

It’s best to use a contained, professionally-made fire pit, rather than make one yourself. Or you can buy a pre-made one that is simple to set up yourself.

summer garden party fire pit

Take The Party Outside!

Are you taking advantage of the great weather and long, light evenings?

Let us know about the party you’re planning, and which of these essentials you’ll use!







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