The 10 Best Summer Party Balloon Decoration Ideas

The 10 Best Summer Party Balloon Decoration Ideas

Summer is here, and it’s about time that we spent more time outside! Whether your kids are having a few friends over to play outside, or you finally get to visit in person with a small group of family, you’ll definitely want a fun way to mark the occasion.

What could be better than the perfect balloon decoration?

Balloons are bright, appealing, and full of fun — everything that you want your summer party to be.

There are tons of brilliant balloon decoration ideas out there, but here are our ten top favorites for an outdoor summer party.

Flamingo Pool Party

Pool floaties of all shapes and sizes are a classic part of a pool party, but there may be nothing that says “awesome summer afternoon in the pool” quite like a flamingo floaty! Not everyone can use the floaty all at once, of course, or it might pop — trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

Whether the kids are waiting in line to splash around with their favorite floaty or the adults just want to float and lounge in the sun, decorate your pool party with a nod to the classic flamingo pink. Bonus tip: throwing a few extra balloons into the pool might distract the kids who are waiting their turn!

summer party balloon garland pool flamingo theme

Backyard Barbecue

An outdoor barbecue in the backyard is one of the most classic summer parties ever. Whether you’re inviting the new neighbors over or catching up with your family, hanging around the barbecue waiting for Dad to say that the burgers are ready is a traditional summer pastime.

For your next backyard barbecue, why not break out some colorful balloons to give the event a little extra flair?

Pro tip: Do not attempt to barbecue the balloons. Trust us, it doesn’t end well.

summer party balloon garland bbq outdoor backyard

Kids Outdoor Event Party

With kids out of school for the summer, a lot of the choices parents make center on keeping them occupied. Playing outside is a great way to do that — but you might find it hard to tear them away from their devices.

If that’s the case, it might be time to plan an outdoor gathering to get the kids moving. Set up an obstacle course using your jungle gym, rope, balloons, and other equipment you have at hand. Egg and spoon races and three-legged races are also popular events for a neighborhood track meet.

summer party outdoor kids events obstacle course balloon fun pool

Balloon Slip ‘n Slide Party

If it’s just a little too hot for a track meet-style party, but you don’t have a pool, there’s a great third option: a slip ‘n slide party!

Slip n’ slides are a classic part of summertime fun for kids and adults alike. If you don’t have the official kit, you can even rig one up using a tarp — again, we’re speaking from experience!

To add a little extra pizzazz to the slipping and the sliding, line the slip ‘n slide with balloons for a fun and colorful touch.

summer party outdoor balloon slip and slide diy kids fun

Movie Night Under The Stars

Summertime is perfect for spending time outdoors — even when that time is spent watching a movie.

To have an outdoor movie night, all you really need is a projector and a white sheet. But if you really want to make it an event, you’re not about to settle for that!

Any good movie night deserves snacks, comfy seats, and good friends to watch along with you. Your party also deserves awesome decorations, like this balloon garland arch in popcorn-themed yellows and whites.

summer party outdoor bbq movie night popcorn balloon arch garland


Sometimes we want the fun of camping with the conveniences of staying home.

Oh, who are we kidding? We want that all the time!

Enter glamping — camping with convenience, or even in your backyard! Whether it’s a party for your kids or a family “camping” trip, put the glam in glamping with boho-inspired tassels, pennants, and balloon decorations. 

summer party outdoor glamping camping tent balloon arch garland decoration 

Park Picnic

Ready to take your party to another location? Pack up the picnic basket and head to your local park for a picnic party. Just make sure to leave the ants at home.

These balloon bunches help you stake out your area of the park, as well as letting your guests know where you’ve set up.

summer party park picnic balloon decoration pretty

Water Balloons Pool Party

This might not be what your kids mean when they ask for water balloons, but it’s still a great way to add a party atmosphere to your poolside gathering!

Whether you opt to use a specific color palette or use as many different balloon colors as you can find, swimming amongst them adds to the visual appeal and takes the fun to the next level — not to mention giving you an Instagram-worthy shot.

summer party pool balloons decorations

Summer Garden Party

A beautiful summer day is the perfect setting for a garden party — and a beautiful garden is the perfect compliment to a summer day!

Tea parties, anniversaries, weddings or baby showers — whatever the theme may be, moving the party out of doors takes advantage of the lovely weather and gives you extra decorating options. Use colorful bunting, tablecloths and settings, and of course balloons to elevate your garden party to something truly special.

The balloons below were created using Junibel Balloon Garland Kits. Click here to see all of the kit theme options.

summer party garden outdoor balloon garland decoration pink tent

summer party garden outdoor balloon garland decoration pink and blue gender reveal 


Leis, pineapples, grass skirts, and gaudy Hawaaian print shirts — nothing says “it’s summer!” quite like a luau.

Colorful balloons, accented with paper cut-out leaves and greenery, boost the tropical vibes even further.


summer party luau bright color balloons decorations greenery  

How Will You Decorate Your Summer Party?

Every party is unique, and we know that your own parties this summer will be decorated with your personal touch. Did you find inspiration in these ten summer party balloon decoration ideas? Let us know what you plan to use!


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