The Ten Best Kids Party Balloon Backdrops 

The Ten Best Kids Party Balloon Backdrops 

Parties, balloons, kids — it’s hard to go wrong when you put all three of those together, right?

Your kids will probably love helping you blow up the balloon decorations for their party — and they’ll love popping them just as much, once it’s all over.

Between the setup and the inevitable explosions, however, there’s a gorgeous time where you set your kids and their friends down in front of a beautiful balloon backdrop and manage to snap the perfect picture before they resume teasing each other and goofing off.

These ten balloon backdrops were made just for that perfect moment.

Outdoor Experiences — Tropical Backdrop

This unique balloon backdrop uses a paper fabric backdrop (you could incorporate a fake grass-like element too if you wanted to add some greenery) as well as vibrant, tropical colors to frame a great summer photo op. The pretty and absolutely adorable flamingo is a nice accent.

tropical flamingo balloon garland kids party pink blues 

Build Your Own Backdrop

If you’re not the balloon-kit type, no worries! This backdrop is a perfect illustration of how easy it can be to create a balloon backdrop all on your own, even if you’re just using a bunch of bright-colored balloons that you got at the dollar store.

Remember, balloons don’t have to be fancy to be adorable!


kids party balloon wall backdrop primary colors

Junibel Balloon Garlands 

On the other hand, if you are the balloon-kit type, balloon garland kits from Junibel are easy to assemble, super adaptable, fun to play with, and fantastic for photo op backdrops!

Pick the color scheme that works best for your kids party, set it up, and smile. (This is a mix of the Bouncy Blues and Tropical kits)

junibel balloon garland arch kit blue pink colorful kids party backdrop

Primary Colors

This easy balloon backdrop is put together with primary colors. We think it’s great for a colorful party, especially for younger kids. It would even work really well for an art party!

(Junibel Fiesta kit with bright, fun primary colors below.)

Primary colors balloon garland arch kit backdrop kids party

Matte Balloon Mix In Rainbow Colors 

While we’re on the subject of brilliant colors, what about this balloon backdrop that uses multicolored matte balloons? 

While the primary color backdrop would probably be ideal for younger kids, we see this mix as being perfect for older pre-teens, with the more sophisticated vibe from the matte finish on the balloons. No matter how old your kids are, though, a balloon backdrop injects a lot of fun and whimsy into the party! 

primary colors matte balloon backdrop for teens older kids

Ice Cream Dream

Pastel colors are really popular right now, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to stay on the edge of trends, then this balloon backdrop is probably your perfect choice!

Even if you're not a trend-setter, everybody likes ice cream — so this backdrop is one of our favorites, too!

ice cream balloon theme backdrop kids party 

Stars, Rainbows, And Unicorns, Oh My!

Rainbow colors and unicorns are also super popular these days, so it isn’t surprising to see them brought into party decor as well. Depending on your vibe, this fanciful mix of party balloon backdrop materials could be perfect for your kids’ get-together!

unicorn balloon garland arch kids party rainbows pastel colors

Hot Air Balloon Backdrop

There’s a fine line between a balloon backdrop that is created as a backdrop, and one that is created specifically as a photo op. This one is the latter.

Balloon decorations always lend themselves well to hot air balloons — which isn’t really surprising, considering it’s right there in the name.

We love this photo op backdrop, created by a large basket, some ribbon, and a big bouquet of colorful balloons.

hot air balloon backdrop kids party

Hot Air Balloon Backdrop (The Remix)

This take on the same theme is a little more simple, using just one large balloon instead of a bouquet. But it’s perfect for parties and photo ops with the little ones! 

hot air balloon backdrop photo op opportunity kids party

And Now For Something A Little Different

Balloon backdrops are pretty much always a gorgeous addition to a party, whether for kids or adults. But if you’re looking for something even more fitting for your kids party, consider this staged backdrop that incorporates balloon animals! It’s definitely a unique, fun look.

kids party balloon backdrop different colors shapes wall

Ain’t No Party Like A Kids’ Party!

Let’s face it: no matter what decorations you choose to use, your kids are going to be more focused on having fun with their friends than what their surroundings look like.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it to your heart’s content! And remember, if your kids want to have the fun of popping the balloons after, they should help you put in the work to set these balloon backdrops up!

We hope you have an awesome time along with your kids at the upcoming fiesta. Which of these balloon backdrop ideas did you like the best?



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