Most Unique Baby Shower Themes for 2020 - Part 1 of 3

Most Unique Baby Shower Themes for 2020 - Part 1 of 3

Spring is just around the corner and baby season is upon us. We’re dedicating the next couple of blog posts to unique baby shower themes that will get your creative juices flowing.

Nowadays, parents don’t have to lose their identities and lifestyles just because they have little ones. Many parents-to-be have chosen a baby shower theme that reflects their values and who they are. It’s a great opportunity to think outside the box and reflect your personal interests.

Here's the first 5 baby shower themes that will showcase who you are personally and as a new family.  Prepare to go gaga over these bump-approved themes.

1. Travel

Travelling and Parenthood are both full of new adventures. Let the sky be the limit when planning your one-of-a-kind travel themed baby shower. 


2. Jungle

Listen to the call of the wild as you embark on a safari theme. Lush greens and glamorous golds will have your parents-to-be and guests roaring as you welcome them to the jungle.

3. Botanical

A botanical inspired baby shower can feel ethereal and dreamy. The simplicity of greens and whites with hints of sweet color make you feel like you’re in a pretty garden.


4. Luxury

For the sophisticated mom-to-be choose a luxury inspired baby shower. Make it swoon-worthy for your guests with elegance and flair as your theme.


5. Tropical

Replace the stork with a flamingo and think joyful, vibrant colors. Everybody will have a smile on their face while they "tropic like it's hot." 


Our following post will showcase the next 5 unique baby shower themes. 

What are your fav themes so far? Comment below! 👇🏽

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