Top 5 Baby Shower Games You Need to Play

Top 5 Baby Shower Games You Need to Play

Baby showers games don’t have to be a drag, everybody can enjoy themselves and have a blast at the shower with these 5 fun and unique baby shower games!

Who Knows Mommy Best?

Here is a fun game to make the mom-to-be happy. Get some paper and pen for each guest. Before the party find out as much as possible about the mother-to-be’s childhood. Write your questions and her answers down on a sheet of paper, and do not show anyone. Go down the list of questions and have the guests write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the highest number of correct answers wins.

 Baby Jeopardy!

This is a crowd favorite for sure and you can get super creative with your answers to make it fun for all of your guest! Behind each post-it note is an answer, and your guests have to come up with the correct question. You may need to divide guests into teams to make sure everyone is included. Categories can include baby babble, Disney movies, nursery rhymes, baby books, celebrity babies and anything else you think your guests would enjoy.


Baby Jeorpardy


 Blindfolded Diaper Game

The blindfolded diaper changing game separates the old pros from the newbies! Any seasoned parents has changed a few diapers in the dark and knows that sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Grab a bunch of baby dolls and diapers and get ready for fun! It’s also never a bad idea to have the mom to be get in some practice before the baby comes.

Babies Against Humanity!

You’ve heard of the famous and hilarious Cards Against Humanity game, now comes the baby edition! download the game for free and enjoy plenty of laughs as the mom to be judges the funniest answers to the black cards!

Celebrity Baby Names!

Another tried and true shower favorite that is always entertaining for guests is CELEBRITY BABY NAMES. Who wouldn’t get a laugh at some celebrity baby names like Apply or Blue Ivy? See how many names your guests can match correctly to the baby’s famous parents and baby get some name suggestions for your soon to be born baby… or not.

Celebrity Baby Names

Baby shower games can truly make or break your party and guests want to be entertained while celebrating the mom to be and her baby. Whether you love them or hate them, great baby shower games are essential to break the ice and keep guests entertained.

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