Top Seven DIY Kids Party Favors

Top Seven DIY Kids Party Favors

As a friend of ours was recently putting goodie bags together for a virtual kids’ movie night, she confessed that she was stuck for ideas, other than candy and soda. While most kids are sure to enjoy a goodie bag full of sugar, their parents may have other ideas! There’s a fine line between a sugar rush — and a sugar crash.

On the other hand, kids love being able to take favors and gifts with them as they wrap up their roughhousing and head home.

With these seven simple yet creative DIY kids party favor ideas, you’ll be able to make your child’s friends happy — as well as their parents.

1. Miniature Notebook and Crayon Set

These party favors are great for your kids’ art parties! The notebooks themselves can be completely handmade, if you have the time to invest. Or you can buy them in packs, which keeps the cost quite low.

Here’s a tutorial on making a fun notebook set.

kids party favors notebook and crayons

kids party favors notebook and crayons tutorial to make a simple notebook

DIY Cup And Ball Game

For an activity that can be done inside, outside, together, separate, or observing social distancing guidelines, this party favor is a gift that keeps on giving. They’re super simple to make — the kids can help! — and they are especially great for younger ages.

kids party favors cup and ball game

Travel Lego Kits

Lego blocks continue to be super popular with boys and girls of all ages, even though they’ve been around since our grandparents were young — seriously, Lego is nearly 90 years old! You can find anything from the most simple sets to extravagant, time-consuming designs that take forever to build (and a few piggy banks to buy, too).

Travel lego kits are great ideas for your kids, but they’re also excellent as party favors, too. Use a small plastic or glass container with a clamp lid, and mix and match different sets to create each kit. (If your family is anything like ours, you’ve definitely got a bunch of random Legos in a box in the closet.) You could also superglue a large flat piece to the top of the container to give them a base to build on.

party favors lego

Animal Balloons

Balloons are a simple, easy, headache-free party favors for kids — and they’re still a lot of fun! This tutorial and free printable shows how easy it is to turn a balloon into a cute cat. 

But the options don’t stop there. With the same basic idea, you could have a whole safari’s worth of animal balloons in no time.

party favors animal balloons diy


Fun Shaped Crayons

That’s right, we’re talking about crayons in the shape of fun! These are quite easy to make using silicone molds and melting down generic crayons. The tutorial we found uses dinosaur shapes, to great effect, but you can use any shape that goes along with your theme.

One of the fun things about making your own crayons is mixing the colors, too!

kids party favors diy crayon animals dinosaurs

Flower Pens

With a few fake flowers, some pens, and a hot glue gun, you can help any kid’s distance learning experience to be a lot more whimsical and fun by following this simple tutorial

And, of course, they’re also great party favors — or they wouldn’t be on this list!

kids party favors flower pens diy

Homemade Play-Doh

If you’ve been homeschooling your kids throughout recent months, there’s a good chance that you’ve already tried a Play-Doh experiment right in your own kitchen. Turns out it makes a great party favor, too, because what kid doesn’t like Play-Doh?

This is a great option for a party favor. Not only can your own children help to make it up beforehand, the colors are customizable to match your party’s theme, it doesn’t require many ingredients, and it’s nontoxic and safe for kids to eat (in case they’re upset that you didn’t give them a candy-filled goodie bag and decide to rebel.)

kids party favors diy playdo playdough gifts

Which Party Favor Do YOU Favor?

No one ever needs an excuse for a party, right? And everyone always appreciates a good party favor!

Taking something fun and creative home with you just makes the good memories last even longer, even after your guests have left the gorgeously-decorated party space behind. Junibel balloon garland kits make DIY decorations so easy!

junibel balloon garland kits DIY party decorations

We hope that you enjoyed these seven creative DIY party favor ideas. Which one will you use for your next kids party?

top diy kids party favors blog

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