Top Ten Engagement Party Balloon Decorations

Top Ten Engagement Party Balloon Decorations

It’s official! The question has been popped, the engagement ring is on the finger, and the family and friends are ready to celebrate. Your engagement party is one of those once-in-a-lifetime occasions that you really want to enjoy. You’re about to embark on your adventure together, so you want everything to be just perfect.

If aesthetics and decorations are on your to-do list for your engagement party, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a curated list of some of the most beautiful engagement party balloon decoration ideas.

We hope you’ll agree that they’re all simply love-ly!

Love And Light

Kicking off our list with a classic love-inspired shape, heart-shaped balloons are a staple for engagement parties and weddings alike. These balloons are tethered with ribbon to old fashioned lanterns (preferably battery-powered, just to be on the safe side) and work beautifully as an entrance decoration, a backdrop, or even just interspersed through the party space itself. 

Engagement party balloon backdrop hearts helium balloons

XO Balloon Letters

Balloon letters are a common party decoration — you’ll see them pop up again later on in this list — but engagement parties and weddings are the perfect time to break out a lesser-used balloon letter: X. This set of XO balloon letters is a less-formal, more-fun nod to love, and they look great over the cake table or near where the engaged couple are sitting.

Engagement party xo balloons gold backdrop

Balloon Bubble Wall

What is it that grandpas tend to say when they get good news and they’re about to celebrate? Something like, “Break out the bubbly!” right?

Well, your grandpa is going to love attending your engagement party if you include this champagne bubble balloon wall decoration! Whether or not you actually open a bottle, this balloon decoration is a lot of fun, and definitely brings a celebratory vibe. 

(Junibel Pretty Pinks balloon garland kit below.)

engagement party bubble background balloons bubbly pink white champagne

Greenery-Garlanded Floating Balloons

Pretty white balloons are always a good aesthetic choice for an engagement party. Beautifully garlanded with these greenery tethers, just heavy enough to keep them from going all the way to the ceiling but not tripping anyone up with a long lead.

Like a lot of the inspiration on this list, these would also be great for the wedding itself. 

engagement party white helium balloons with garland hanging

Bride To Be Letter Balloons

As promised, here are some more letter balloon decoration inspirations! This set of letter balloons is perfect for decorating where the bride will sit at the engagement party, or for the bridal shower, too.

engagement party bride gold large balloons

Love Letters — Balloon Letters, That Is

While we’re still on the balloon letter train, how about this all-one-piece “love” balloon in cursive script? We love the rose gold tone of the balloon, too — it’s a classy and classic color choice that fits in well with any engagement party occasion, and works as a neutral to harmonize with your chosen party color palette.

engagement party love script balloons

Trailing Ribbons

If you want to really make a statement at your engagement party, this is a simple and easy way to do it! All that you need are a ton of white and gold balloons — and a ton of ribbon, of course. Use helium to pump the balloons up, make sure that the ribbons are cut long so they trail down, and voila! A veritable forest of party decorations!

engagement party ceiling trailing balloons helium gold white pink

Balloons And Tinsel Backdrop

One thing you definitely want to include at your engagement party is a photo op backdrop. After all, engagement parties and weddings alike are well-known for being great photo ops. All the guests are dressed-up, everyone’s smiling and happy, cake’s being passed around (or thrown around, as the case may be) — it’s the perfect occasion, and everyone will want to remember it.

Balloon garlands and arches make for amazing backdrops, and this one adds tinsel to the mix to make it even shinier. 

Add some bling to your Junibel balloon garland kit for added shine. Click here to pick your theme colors.

engagement party balloon garland decoration

engagement party shower balloon garland backdrop tinsel shiny fun pink

Gold And White Metallic Paint Balloons

This decoration inspiration is one of our top favorites, for two reasons. For one thing, it’s simple and elegant, which means that it elevates the occasion without overwhelming it. For another, it’s versatile, so it can be used in your engagement party, your wedding, your baby shower — and anything else that calls for a gorgeous balloon decoration!

Oh, wait, we thought of a third reason to love this decoration idea — with a brush and a little metallic gold paint, you can totally DIY. We’re all about the DIY balloon decorations! (Link back to other blog article on DIY?)

engagement party balloons painted gold diy

Balloons And Roses Trellis Photo Backdrop

Are you throwing an outdoor engagement party? Then this might be the perfect decoration for you. Combining balloons and florals in an elegant and truly stunning effect, this trellis makes for a fantastic photo backdrop. And there’s just something about balloon decorations that incorporate florals and greenery that we love! (link to the blog about balloons and florals?)

engagement party balloons florals flowers backdrop outdoor event

Congratulations On Your Engagement (Party)!

Getting engaged is a fantastic reason to celebrate. Throwing the perfect engagement party is a great reason, too.

Did any of these ideas inspire your own party theme? 


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